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Brewster Technical College can be traced back to 1925 when Dr. and Mrs. Henry W. Brewster played a major role in opening a school specifically for vocational training. Brewster School operated as a vocational school under various names until July 1, 1979, when the Erwin Center officially came into being. All programs at Brewster were transferred to the Erwin Center.

Many adult programs were transferred from Tampa Bay Vocational-Technical Center, and several new programs were originated to form Hillsborough County's first adult area vocational-technical center.

Brewster Technical Center was built on the same site as the historic vocational school. The old building was demolished and a new 52,195 square foot structure was constructed at a cost of $3,346.800. The existing 16,000 square foot, two-story building adjacent to the new facility was linked via a pedestrian bridge.

Brewster continued to label itself an “Opportunity School,” and it held on to one physical vestige of the red brick building funded by Florence and Henry Brewster. The ornate masonry that adorned the entrance to the old structure was incorporated into the new one. The “Opportunity Seal” is a reminder of the tradition that has fostered vocational education in Tampa since 1926.

Currently, Brewster Technical College provides adults in Hillsborough County and the surrounding community with a continuum of offerings from basic skills instruction...

  • English language acquisition
  • applied academics for adult education
  • academic and vocational training for adults with disabilities
  • technical programs

In which students learn specific occupational skill sets and earn certifications required by business and industry.

In September of 2016, Brewster celebrated 90 years of excellence and partnership with the business community. We are ever committed to maintaining a standard of pride and excellence in the academic and technical career arenas.

We are guided by our vision to be recognized by business and industry as a leading educator of students prepared to secure employment and compete in the ever-changing workforce.

About Brewster

Brewster Technical College is a public post-secondary technical college that is part of Hillsborough County Public Schools. Brewster Technical College offers hands-on learning that provides the relevant training and job skills required by business and industry.  In addition, Brewster Technical College offers adult basic education (GED, English language acquisition and Applied Academics for Adult Education).

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